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Levelstate – Direct Water Level Gauge


Levelstate Colour Port Type Direct Water Level Gauges (DWLG) provide a direct reading of the water level and are suitable for medium & high pressure steam/water applications. Levelstate gauges are reliable and maintenance free thereby minimising operating costs for the user.


Colour port type direct water level gauges operate on the principle of the differences in refractive index of different mediums (steam and water) for indication of the water level. The gauge consists of a vertically oriented metal body with a frosted glass to the front and the rear. The front and rear body surfaces are in non-parallel vertical planes. Behind the gauge body are light sources – red and green. When light passes through the port (submerged in water), it gets refracted at an angle of approximately 10 deg. A Green indication is observed in the illuminator viewing panel. A Red indication is observed when there is no water in the port.



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