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ENOTEC – COMTEC® O2 / COe Analyzers

COMTEC 6000 is the world’s first in-situ analyzer for measurement of oxygen and combustible in flue and process gases for optimal combustion control.

The COMTEC® 6000 is an in-situ analyzer for measurement of oxygen and COe (sum of unburned molecules – CO, H2, CxHy) in flue and process gases. This enables the redundant measurement in real time for combustion fine tuning . This is achieved by combining the MXP sensor for COe analysis with the technology of MLT sensor which measures oxygen content.

Both sensors are located within the process at the tip of the probe installed directly in the flue gas duct. This allows for fast and continuous flue gas data measurement, enabling fast response rates to changes in the flue gas composition.

The analyzer was designed with low maintenance in mind, with minimal calibration requirements and user-friendliness. Furthermore high costs for investment and maintenance, especially when comparing to extractive analyzers, can be avoided.


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