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Adams Valves


Adams Valves is headquartered in Herne, Germany and it has stood at the forefront of advanced valve technology since its invention of the triple-eccentric valve in 1960. In 1966 Adams developed the laminated metal seal ring which is used in most triple-eccentric valves or triple offset valves today. This revolutionary improvement in valve technology has set new standards for seal life, tightness and temperature range.




JC Valves


Gate valves serve as efficient on-off valves with flow in either direction. In such a design, a wedge slides cross a general passageway in order to control fluid flow (like a sliding gate – hence, the name). One of the most significant characteristics of this type of valves is its straight-through, unobstructed passageway when set in the “full open” position. This is made possible by the wedge lifting entirely out of the passageway. As a result, gate valves are characterized by a minimum of turbulence and pressure drop in operation. While gate valves are good for applications requiring these two factors, they are not recommended for installations in which throttling would be a function. They are designed for on/off service.



TJ Valves – Fly Ash Valves


Lifetime of Abrasive Service valves manufactured by TJ is several times of that for other valves. They can sustain normal operations during longer period. Their fantastic durability is originated from their distinct design – Its rotary disk can rotate automatically on the valve seat each time when the switch is activated. In addition, their open style design will not cause material conglomeration or sealing face scratch



Posiwell – Double Block and Bleed Gate Valves


Posiwell DDB Gate Valves is designed with patented independent spring loaded discs, patented seating design that compensate automatically when fluctuation of pressure and temperature occur, thus providing positive proof of line segregation.



Bestobell Steam Trap

For process and space heating services

Designed to provide sufficient capacity for wall radiators and space heaters up to 150,000 Btu/hr. The DMR6 Series has a versatile design – for right-angled or straight-through installations. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


DSS Severe Service Knife Gate Valves

DSS Valves Logo

DSS is specializing in creating Guided Shear Knife Gate valves that provide Zero Leakage Isolation solutions in high-temperature, high-pressure, high-cycling, high solid abrasive and/or corrosive applications . It ensure safety of workers, lowers the overall cost of ownership, and decreases downtime for maintenance.


DSS Severe Service Knife Gate Valves  are designed and manufactured for Severe Service and Trouble-Free Isolation Knife Gate Valve to handle harsh media solids as well as clean service in power plant ,steel, mining, pulp & paper, water/wastewater and oil and gas plants around the world.



SST Valves

SST provides state of the art production of SSV metal seated ball valves for high pressure isolation steam service in the power industry.

SST’s SSG valve is designed to meet the most demanding critical isolation service . Optional features include bi-directional flow, dual solids excluders, coatings and shut-off classes up to Class VI (bubble tight).



Koso Control Valves


Koso is focus mainly on automatic Control valves and Isolation valve including minimum size and large size valves, low-pressure and ultra-high-pressure valves, extremely-low-temperature and ultra-high-temperature valves  for various fields applications through dynamic processes.