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Sunrui Impressed Current Anodes

When metal-electrolyte corrosion system is cathodically polarized, the potential moves in an electronegative direction. The polarization lowers the potential difference, ηa, between the anode and cathode areas, causing a reduction in corrosion reaction and the corrosion rate. This is called Cathodic Protection Effect. The method of taking advantage of cathodic protection effect to reduce corrosion of metallic structures is call cathodic protection.

Current flows onto the structure from an external anode, and provides electrons for reduction reactions of depolarizers at the metal surface, and oxidization reaction of metals will be restrained as a result. When the oxidation reaction of metals ceases, only cathodic reaction of depolarizers occurs at the metal surface.

There are two methods of providing cathodic protection to a structure: Galvanic anode system, and impressed current system.