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Zeeco – SM Series High Energy Igniter


Zeeco’s proprietary SM series pilot features a waterproof High Energy Igniter (HEI) for superior ignition. Its hermetically-sealed flame rod delivers reliable flame detection, even in the wettest environments. The flame rod is located within the pilot tip to enable the most reliable flame signal and can be operated over a wide range of fuels from 90% hydrogen to 100% propane. The junction box seals and protects all electrical connections from moisture and eliminates the need for environmentally-related electrical maintenance repairs.


Design Features:

  • Hermetically-sealed flame rod
  • High Energy Ignition (HEI) rated  2 Joules
  • High voltage ignition (Optional)
  • Integrated explosion-proof enclosure (Optional)
  • Easily removable spud holder
  • Integrated flame relay and ignition module (Optional)
  • Investment cast components
  • Easy to retrofit



Chentronics – Motivator Hand-Held High Energy Exciter

Hand-held high energy exciter puts heavy duty ignition power in the palm of your hand

  • Convenient portability
  • Easy-to-use, familiar “hand-held drill” design
  • Multiple ignition fuel types
  • Standard kit includes hand-held exciter, rechargeable battery pack, portable charging station, test igniter tip, meter igniter tip and a durable carrying case with a custom-fitted foam insert



Chentronics – FastFlame High Energy Ignition & Flame Detection System

The world’s first real-time, high energy ignition and simultaneous flame detection system

  • Combines high energy ignition and flame detection in a single system
  • Ignites and detects flame simultaneously
  • Provides flame confirmation, the first moment flame becomes present
  • Can shorten your flame proving window to half the time



Chentronics – SmartSpark Flare & Boiler Burner High Energy Ignition System

Reliable ignition that automatically monitors tip wear so you can replace the igniter tip before an ignition fault occurs

  • Built-in predictive life diagnostics
  • Unsurpassed fuel type diversity
  • Hazardous area rating
  • NO gas discharge tubes or radioactive materials



Chentronics – SureSpark High Energy Ignition Systems

The most reliable fuel combustion for your toughest ignition applications – even in high-moisture areas

  • Built-in predictive life diagnostics
  • Unsurpassed fuel type diversity
  • Moisture seal-out designs of igniter tips and cables
  • Hazardous area rating
  • AC and DC input power options
  • NO gas discharge tubes or radiactive materials