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Sunrui BalClor Ballast Water Management Systems

The treating process of BalClorTM BWMS is mainly consisted of the following three procedures:

Filtration —The ballast water is filtrated by an automatic backwashing filter with 50µm screen to remove marine organisms larger than 50µm.

Disinfection — A small side stream of the filtered ballast water is delivered to the electrolytic unit to generate the oxidants of high concentration (mainly sodium hypochlorite solution), then the oxidants are injected back into the main ballast stream to provide effective disinfection.

Sodium hypochlorite solution as a very effective germicide can be kept in ballast water for a certain period to effectively kill the plankton, spores, larvae and pathogens contained in the ballast water to meet D-2 standard.

Neutralization — The residual TRO level of the treated ballast water below 0.1ppm, then the treated ballast water can be directly discharged. If the residual TRO level of the treated ballast water over 0.1ppm, neutralizer (sodium thiosulfate solution) is added into the de-ballast pipe to neutralize residual oxidants instantly automatically.