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Basscam – BE-11 series Explosion Proof Camera

BASSCAM BE-11 Explosion Proof Camera Series are designed for the most demanding chemical and severe service explosion/hazardous areas. Locations that require visual inspection or verification in Explosion Proof environments with temperatures up to 300°F(149°C)* are just the right fit for BASSCAM BE-11 Series Cameras. This camera exceeds “weather tight” seal ratings with its O-Ring sealed design. This camera is also ideal for high dust, vibration, and hazardous area* process locations.



Basscam – AR-CFP series Furnace Camera Auto Retract System

The AR-CFP series Automatic Retract System provides compact, fail-safe, self- contained over-heat protection of the CF Series Furnace Camera and lens probe.

The multi-variable “fail safe” controls system automatically retracts on any condition:

a.) pressure low, or

b.) voltage low or

c.) lens tip temp high.

The digital display shows the lens tip temperature. For added safety, the controls also dis-allow lens insertion unless conditions a+b+c prevail.

Easy service:
The whole camera can be disconnected and removed from the Mounting Beam in 60 sec.s using no tools.

The provided air tank supplies all energy for retraction.



Basscam – SE-2012 series Stainless Steel Corrosion Proof camera

Basscam SE-2012 Stainless Camera series is designed for the most demanding chemical & severe service applications. Locations that require visual inspection or verification in corrosive environments with temperatures up to 190°F(90°C)* are just the right fit for Basscam SE-2012 Cameras. This camera exceeds “weather tight” sealing ratings with gas-tight O-Ring Sealed Design. It is also ideal for high dust, and high vibration locations. Seals will hold static pressure!



Basscam – CF series Boiler/Furnace Camera

The BASSCAM CF Series 4000°F/2204°C Furnace & Boiler Cameras ideally perform in ANY furnace or boiler, delivering crystal clear images of flame patterns, light-off, ignitors, flame impingement, refractory condition and soot accumulation. Wide angle, Forward or Off‐Axis viewing directions allow total flexibility for any boiler/ furnace unit. Available with viewing angles from 20°-120° and probe lengths 24”/61 to 72”/183cm. are available.



Adams Valves


Adams Valves is headquartered in Herne, Germany and it has stood at the forefront of advanced valve technology since its invention of the triple-eccentric valve in 1960. In 1966 Adams developed the laminated metal seal ring which is used in most triple-eccentric valves or triple offset valves today. This revolutionary improvement in valve technology has set new standards for seal life, tightness and temperature range.




JC Valves


Gate valves serve as efficient on-off valves with flow in either direction. In such a design, a wedge slides cross a general passageway in order to control fluid flow (like a sliding gate – hence, the name). One of the most significant characteristics of this type of valves is its straight-through, unobstructed passageway when set in the “full open” position. This is made possible by the wedge lifting entirely out of the passageway. As a result, gate valves are characterized by a minimum of turbulence and pressure drop in operation. While gate valves are good for applications requiring these two factors, they are not recommended for installations in which throttling would be a function. They are designed for on/off service.



TJ Valves – Fly Ash Valves


Lifetime of Abrasive Service valves manufactured by TJ is several times of that for other valves. They can sustain normal operations during longer period. Their fantastic durability is originated from their distinct design – Its rotary disk can rotate automatically on the valve seat each time when the switch is activated. In addition, their open style design will not cause material conglomeration or sealing face scratch



Posiwell – Double Block and Bleed Gate Valves


Posiwell DDB Gate Valves is designed with patented independent spring loaded discs, patented seating design that compensate automatically when fluctuation of pressure and temperature occur, thus providing positive proof of line segregation.



Limitorque Fluid Power Systems


Built upon a modular scotch yoke torque system, Limitorque fluid power actuators are designed to deliver maximum torque with the lowest possible displacement and overall size. The use of high-strength, wear-resistant materials ensures the actuators operate efficiently and reliably in high-cycle, heavy-duty applications.

Robust construction maximizes allowable working pressures to the requirements of the oil and gas industry while extending temperature limits to increase application range.



Limitorque B320 Series Bevel Gear

Image result for limitorque b320

The Limitorque B320 bevel gear operator not only makes it easy to manually operate multi-turn valves — it also makes it easy to convert to motorized service. The B320 offers torque ranges up to 8,000 ft-lb (10,856 N m) and thrust capacities to 325,000 lbs (1445 kN), for any application demanding a bevel gear operator with superior strength and accuracy. It is most commonly used with sluice/slide gates, gate valves, and globe valves.